The new is old again…

It is snowing! While given this is YYC, the snow itself is not surprising.  But the volume of snow falling is surprising.  Of course this was not part of the weather forecast I heard at 6PM; secretly I hoped the snow would come tumbling in.  I love this kind of snow.  It billows and blows and obscures my view of the urban neighbourhood I live within.  My family is safe and warm.  I am thankful to be at home, snug in my jammies, furnace alive and well, gas bill paid and dogs curled at my feet.

The Daily Good:  I left the Christmas lights up and the timer on.  They are now twinkling through their snow cocoons!  One of my all time favorite things.


About toastandgems

I am an observer of people, places and things.
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2 Responses to The new is old again…

  1. leona says:

    I also love those snowy days, when you are snug in your toasty house, totally the best.

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