Writing Challenge: Starting Over

This is a writing challenge from The Daily Post. Here we go…

Patti, #3 of 3 dogs

Patti, #3 of 3 dogs

It is January.  Is it time to start over? And what would you “start over”?  Job, love, diet? It feels like so much pressure!  What if you fail? What if you choose the wrong task?  What if…

It think it is the what ifs that paralyze people.  I know I have been motionless for periods of time out of fear. The fear of rejection, or rebuke, or even praise.  For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction?  Oh dear…

To live is to be in motion, finding your footing as you go.  When I think of the words Starting Over I am not going to start with a marathon, I choose to take it one step at a time.  Tomorrow I will start over with a clean slate for the day.  Why? Because it is a fresh day! (And it is Friday!).  When I open my eyes after a decent six to eight hours of sleep, my day will be new.  At that moment I will choose to move forward with openness and intention.  Into the light my friends…into the light…

I am a realist, too.  Sometimes I open my eyes, stretch, move my feet towards the bedroom door and step in dog puke.  But that is not the norm.  It is memorable though.


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