The Lizard’s New Clothes

Leonard the Lizard is shedding. I find this process fascinating. Lenny sheds about every 4 or 5 weeks. As his shed time draws near, his colour changes from orange-yellow to a muted, milky tone as his old self begins pushing up and away in preparation to reveal a fresh suit of armour. For a day or two leading up to the shed, Lenny will not eat as much as he usually does. Of course he is never one to turn down a sloth-like hornworm but he is less inclined to go after the nimble jumping crickets.

A leopard gecko shedding.  This is not Lenny but this is what Lenny looks like when he sheds.

A leopard gecko shedding. This is not Lenny but this is what Lenny looks like when he sheds.

I’m not sure how long it actually takes him to shed his entire body. His outer shell breaks away quite dramatically. One morning I got up and looked in his cage and he was normal looking. After about 10 minutes I looked in the cage again and his skin had split open and it appeared he had two heads. When I returned home from work, the shed was over.  Rarely do we find the old skin as he eats it for the nutrients it contains. We choose not handle Lenny during his big shed. Over the next few days when we hang out there will be bits of old skin sticking to his toes. He will clean that off over time.Tomorrow Leonard will be vibrant in colour and savage in his hunt for food. It will be a feeding frenzie!  The crickets are only getting a temporary reprieve tonight.

The Daily Good:  Today a familiar face returned to my work world. While I would not say she is a personal friend of mine, she is a memorable acquaintance. She is an elderly woman who has been caretaker to husband for many, many years. The pair were always together laughing or bickering or just reading the paper. Those of us “around” the couple saw his health fail over the last few months and he passed away a few weeks ago. Seeing her back in action today was a very good thing. We chatted briefly and her comment that stuck with me was “He’s not here anymore but I am getting on with it.” Bravo!


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2 Responses to The Lizard’s New Clothes

  1. Diana says:

    I would like a Lenny one day:) both kids wanted Lenny’s a few years back…now its a turtle. but I want a Lenny.

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