Random Thursday Post

The switch to the electronic shelf tag happened some time ago at our local big box grocery store..  Personally, I am not fan.  I like the paper signs flapping around, particularly when they wave me over to the sale items.   I understand the need for the change and I am sure it is a brilliant method of reducing the price scanning errors.

Ahh…yes… Price scanning errors.  If the price scans different from the shelf tag, it is yours for free (under $10).   I look at this as a game of tactical warfare and relish the victory of free product!

shelf tag

The electronic shelf tag.

Which brings me back to today.  Standing in the looooong cereal aisle of the grocery store, I was not drawn to any one product.  No signs, no colourful papers called out to me.  The electronic shelf tag just sat there. It was Work to watch the electronic numbers move – or not – to tell you if the product was on sale – or not.  Also, I am short and cannot easily read the higher shelf tags.  Add in the glare of the lights on the plastic screens…bah!  In the end, I did not buy anything. I still need cereal but I will go to the more expensive store where I can see a paper shelf tag waving to me.  Sad but true.

The Daily Good:   This week I have been reminded that everything happens for a reason and there is a reason why everything happens.  Tonight all the stars aligned and my family of four adults were in the house at the same time and sat at one table for supper.  It was a wonderful time of talk and laughter!  I am blessed.


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