Sunshine & Angry Hair

I had an Angry Hair run today.  Overall, the run was good, even if a bit…jagged.  It is a loop run that I have pounded out many times.  The beginning (and end) involves climbing then descending a pedestrian overpass to cross a major roadway.  There have been times when I have been woefully defeated on the upward climb, even in the beginning.  I do not like running hills or undulations of any sort.  But today – victory!!

During my run I was thinking about the Daily Post writing prompt today asking about when was the last time someone said that they were proud of me.  Good lord.  I have absolutely no idea…but thanks for asking. And what a strange thing to ask!  It feels odd to even think about; akin to fishing for compliments (which I am NOT!! doing).  I almost need another run just to clear out this idea.  Or a piece of cake.  Cake will work, too.  Happy Friday!

The Daily Good:  Well, it is February 15th, in Canada and I ran outside in short sleeves!  Goodness knows we will pay for this reprieve from winter but what a glorious midday adventure it was!


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I am an observer of people, places and things.
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