To Give or Not To Give

Daily Prompt:  The Letter L.

Charity begins at home.  Did you hear that growing up?  I did.  I went to work for a not-for-profit and now every day has a chunk of charity in it.  give

I am often frustrated by charities.  When you dig a bit beyond the surface of some, their operating costs and what those costs consists of frighten me.  On the other hand, the cost of not supporting fundraising is just as scary.

The not-for-profit I work for often puts on fundraising drives with a shoe-string budget.  From the perspective of organizing such a production, it becomes very taxing trying to stretch twenty-five bucks into a superstar event.   Somehow we get what we need but at what cost?  Spirit and drive of staff?  Perhaps.

On the other hand, I receive unwanted “gifts” from a research charity that I have given my hard earned money to.  Each time I receive my “gift” I make contact and ask them to stop.  They do not.  I did not donate to them this year.

Is there a happy medium?  Do “givers” want to be recognized?  Does more operating cost mean a better outcome?  I’m not sure.

*end of Daily Prompt challenge*

The Daily Good

I am so happy to say that I went on a walk-about today and saw a new café being in the finishing stages.  Full disclosure:  I have been stalking the area for the last couple of months – waiting.  This little café will be operated by a fine woman who is one of the hardest working, honest folks I have had the pleasure of knowing.  After an unceremonious end to her longevity with her employer, she picked herself up, dusted herself off and moved forward.  I cannot wait to have her lunch special next week!!  I will be telling everyone that she is back and better than ever!  Victory!!




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