Daily Prompt: No Longer a Mere Mortal

I love that this Daily Prompt is also my return to this blog.

How lofty to think one would be deserving enough to be immortal.  A do over? Mulligan? Where to begin?!  On one hand, doesn’t a person need all the experiences and life lessons to become who they are? On the other hand, it sure could save a lot of time and (potential) heartache by cutting to the core a little quicker.  What would I change? With out a shadow of a doubt I would have paid heed to my inner voice much sooner.    It surely would have steered my direction down a few different paths.  I’ve always been an honest person and I would hope that I would use my immortality for good.   It really would be tempting to set up a few things though…ahh…there’s my inner voice telling me not to do it.

The Daily Good

I have a week of Daily Good to report but I will focus on last Friday.  Calgary began flooding on Thursday, June 20th, 2013. Our beautiful rivers became liquid monsters – consuming everything in their path.  While my home is not close to flood zone and remained perfectly intact, I have a story to share.

Last Friday my place of work became a temporary evacuation centre for approximately 300 seniors.  These folks were whisked out of the comfort of their beds, rooms and familiar surroundings to be carted across the city to higher ground.  They came to rest in the middle of a recreation complex made of bricks and glass.  It was heartbreaking to see the steady stream of seniors in wheelchairs coming through the front doors, confusion etched on to their faces, frail hands clutching a clear plastic bag containing medical information and medicine.  On the back of the wheel chair was a quickly gathered care package and maybe a purse.  Some folks did not know where they were – the cruel evidence of dementia. Some were crying.  All were frightened.

There was a circle of care around these people.  The circle consisted of municipal coordinators, health care providers and wonderful care givers.  And then the volunteers came. All through the night and into the next day, firemen, paramedics, care givers, nurses, doctors, even a pharmacist came to help on their own time.  In the early hours of this event, volunteers went to buy socks and sweatpants with their own money because a recreation centre is cold.  Truck after truck filled with medical equipment and supplies showed up.  A semi-truck of cots arrived near midnight on Friday and it was emptied and disbursed within minutes. Hot food appeared for the seniors and the circle of care providers.  Throughout the day, night and next day the building pulsed with a steady hum of organized chaos.

So, what is the Daily Good found within my story?  It is bearing witness to the character and compassion of strangers who became a team for a cause greater than themselves. It appeared to be a seamless and coordinated effort.   Fortunately, the seniors were moved to appropriate lodging by midnight on Saturday. Every last piece of equipment was removed and the entire facility came to rest.  Silence echoed in the empty space.  However, the spirit of those thirty-six hours will resonate loudly for a long time to come.


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