Me, A Nomad? Sure.

Could I have a nomadic lifestyle? Today that answer is yes!  How liberating to be released from the mundane tasks of the every day. To be nomadic wouldn’t you  have to free yourself from the confines of things like a mortgage or a job?  Given the resources and the opportunity I would give it a go.  But I’d want a home base of some kind – just to know how far I went and to make me venture a little farther next time.

Cue the dreamy music….
In my dreamy version of the nomadic lifestyle, I approach a fork in the road and turn left to the non-dusty dirt path where I glide effortlessly over smooth footing. My amazingly beautiful long chestnut brown hair glistens in the dappled sunlight while my flowing gown of white silk floats around me like a cloud. The Husband would await my arrival at a linen draped table under an oak tree in the meadow.  Deer frolic in the distance. We feast on a delicious, healthy whole food meal prepared magically by a kind soul who saw fit to be generous with his bounty of free range organically farmed goods.  Then we relax in a hammock and enjoy the sunset as it twinkles away on a horizon of crystal seas while we discuss where to go tomorrow.  Perhaps down the other path this time.  Ready the llamas for a trip!
The needle on the record player skids across the vinyl….

Come on.  I’ve been up since the crack of ass, working.  After work I drove to the store to purchase groceries, where I proceeded to wander around like a lunatic because I forgot the list and couldn’t remember what I went for.  After ten minutes my basket contained steak, mushrooms and multi-grain cereal.  Finally I gave up trying to remember the real list and drove home, hoping that I would have enough energy left to cook.    Upon arriving home I was reminded by The Boy that I forgot bananas. I then reminded him the he knew where the store was.  It was soon after this exchange that I feasted on the impulse purchase of a mini-tub of chocolate peanut butter ice cream which was certainly never on the list.  Now I hope that the sugar high doesn’t get in the way of my sleep, because I need to sleep and get up at the crack of ass again tomorrow.  And the husband?  Well, he is in college, living in a condo in student residence, studying for an exam for career part 2 .   We refer to the condo as the ‘vacation retreat’.  It is not a retreat, not even close.  It is good fodder for another post though.   So – it is two homes, eight hours apart.

What the hell is going on?  It is part of a plan.  Will it lead to the nomadic lifestyle?  Sweet muther.  Who knows?!  What I do know is that today the steaks turned out ok and I should have bought the skinny version of the ice cream.

The Daily Good

We have a bird’s nest in a tree in our back yard!!!  The nest is in one of the self-seeded green ash trees that line the east side of our deck.  I can barely see the nest which is good because it means the dogs and the horrid magpies haven’t found it yet either.  I’ve been trying desperately to get a picture but I cannot easily do this and I don’t want to scare it off. I know it is a robin.  When I’m in the kitchen I can see the bird fly in and out on a quest for food and drink. I’m so excited! I have no idea what else is in the nest but it is a great adventure!  Thank you Friend Robin.

Friend Robin looks like this.  Kind of scruffy!

Friend Robin looks like this. Kind of scruffy!


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