Climbing hills

I’ve been running for about 12 years now.  I started sometime in 2001-ish and it has been a journey of streetlight to streetlight to then time ratios of walk:run to an actual training plan with kilometre markers and hill repeats.  Ah yes, hills.  Why would any sane person expend energy to run up a hill, descend from that hill and then turn around and climb it again three, four, five, seven times?  It seems crazy.  It kind of is.

Hills build strength and cardiovascular endurance – if they are done right.  Sometimes I do them correctly, sometimes I wing it, sometimes I just avoid them all together.  Tonight I embarked on a new course of action that I will call the point to point method.  Step one is running to the hill, the warm up.  Step two is defining the place in the hill where I will apply maximum and consistent effort.  Step three is seeing the threshold and going through that port.  Step four is the hardest; putting that first foot forward.

Recently I have embarked on another avenue of strength building involving self reflection, radical acceptance and a whole lot of deep breathing.  The hills are a metaphor for this time in my life.  I believe anyone who lives in a support role with a loved one dealing with mental illness climbs hills every day.  Today I am grateful for the physical fatigue of running hill repeats as it will calm the mental fatigue I have been feeling and provide a much needed balance.  Tomorrow will bring another path; the hill remains undetermined.

The Daily Good

The robin’s nest is lively!  On Monday morning I could hear faint chirping of chicks and the chirps have become louder each day. Each time Friend Robin returns with food, the nest erupts in excitement.  The nest remains so well hidden I cannot get a clear photo but tonight after my hill run I was graced with a few seconds of watching at least two little beaks straining to reach the worms first.  So much fun to watch!




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I am an observer of people, places and things.
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