A couple months ago the dishwasher said farewell in a noisy, pump failure kind of way. I have no idea how old it is – it is a Kenmore so it really could be close to twenty years old. It was one of the first quiet models available and it has been a standard in our house. I never had a built in dishwasher in any of my childhood homes.  When we built this house some twenty-three years ago, I remember looking at the architect’s sketch of the kitchen layout and the word dishwasher was so exciting! The builder supplied dishwasher only lasted a year or two and then we bought the Kenmore.

The Children have never known life without a dishwasher. The have been schooled, by me, in the art of stuffing the dishwasher to maximum capacity without compromising the integrity of the wash. I have taken great pride in the accomplishment of not washing a single dish by hand following a festive dinner. Toys and light fixtures have been cleaned in that dishwasher. When it stopped working I dismantled the washing arms so that a wash couldn’t be attempted and now it awaits the appliance graveyard.

About the same time the dishwasher died, The Husband and I were planning a vacation. I chose to upgrade the hotel rather than buy a new dishwasher. I went to the local big box and purchased a dish drain board and drip tray. The Children were horrified and believed this all to be a joke until it became apparent that The Parents were out of the country on vacation and they had a sink full of dishes and a drain board.

Full confession: I have not missed the dishwasher. I am oddly comforted by a sink full of dishes that are covered with hot water and a cloud of bubbles. There is a method to washing dishes. For me, it begins with the placement of the dishes. Plates and bowls are stacked in the top corner, cutlery is on one side of the sink, glasses are nestled on top of everything else, pots are left outside the sink. Once the water cools a bit, I scrub the glasses then the plates and bowls, cutlery and finally the pots. Everything is rinsed in with hot water and left to drip dry. The final step is to pull the plug and let the water drain, swishing the bubbles away. The sink is clean and shiny.

Today I did a big batch of dishes while watching the snow fall. The kitchen window overlooks the backyard and there was something fantastic about the warm water inside and the cold snowy weather outside. I have been looking at new dishwashers and I am stunned by sticker shock; I am hard pressed to trade in my drain rack for a thousand dollar appliance.  I am certain that sooner than later there will be a sale and it will make sense to buy the new dishwasher. Then again, you can get a weekend in Vegas for grand…

The Daily Good

It is the first snowfall of the season and it looks like a blizzard out there. The windows are bottom-rimmed with miniature snow banks and the few remaining leaves on the green ash tree have been forced to the ground. The Boy has been called in to work for the first snow clearing day of the season and I am putting out telepathic reminders to The Girl that winter tires on her car does not mean that everyone else has them on theirs. In an ironic turn – The Husband has good weather in the far north and I hope it stays that way until he flies home soon.  Time to turn up the tunes! It is a good day.


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One Response to Suds

  1. Amanda says:

    I really enjoyed this post. A great Monday morning read. It’s good to be reminded about how rewarding the simple things in life can be…

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