Welcome to ToastandGems!  For the last few years, I have been on a personal journey of discovering what makes me happy.  It hasn’t been a quick process nor easy.  It takes a lot of soul-searching and genuine hard work to even get out the front door. At the moment, I am out the door and exploring the neighbourhood around me.

Rumor has it that it takes 40+ facial muscles to smile and less than 20 to frown.  This is my accountability to the exercise of smiling every day.  Cheers!

P.S.  Why Toast and Gems?  Well, it really is the simple stuff in life that makes all the difference.  For me, there is nothing better than a fresh hot piece of toast with butter melted into the little air pockets. Delicious.  And the Gems? Well, that is the ‘stuff’ that makes me laugh and cry and keeps my world turning.

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